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Hyperconverged Infrastructure.

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HyperFlex multicloud platform

Cisco HyperFlex enables multicloud IT with an adaptive platform that powers any application anywhere with the simplicity of hyperconverged infrastructure. Built on HX software innovations, HyperFlex delivers a simplified solution with industry-leading performance, independent scaling, support for multiple hypervisors, and flexible cluster scaling with availability zones.

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# 1 in Performance

Deploy HyperFlex plus the network.

Multicloud Services

Flexible services for multicloud.

Container Deployment

Develop and deploy cloud native apps.

Introducing Hyperflex

Click to watch this video and learn about the Cisco HyperFlex multicloud platform in just 45 Secs

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Variety and Flexibility
HyperFlex engineered on Cisco UCS

Cisco HyperFlex offers a variety of flexible hyperconverged infrastructure configurations engineered on the Cisco UCS platform. Explore the latest M5 and Edge nodes for your specific needs.
Virtualize with Hyper-V

Power multiple hypervisors on a common platform and gain cloud capabilities for a virtualized environment.

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Simplify Citrix XenDesktop

Reduce provisioning time. Improve daily operation efficiency of XenDesktop and XenApp.

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Modernize my SAP environment

Get the performance needed for SAP workloads, reduce TCO and benefit from cloud-like flexibility.

Hyperflex For SAP
Streamline SQL Server deployment

The scalability and speed you need for Microsoft SQL Server, with performance to handle any workload.

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Accelerate VDI adoption

Simplify deployment. Scale virtual desktop infrastructure resources without disrupting work..

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Achieve DevOps agility

Instantly provision and take down development and test environments for DevOps..

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Cisco HyperFlex features

Complete Hyperconvergence

HyperFlex unifies fabric network and computing technology in a next-generation data platform.

Flash-optimized System

Gain high performance and storage longevity with a file system built for hyperconvergence.

Independent Scaling

Scale nodes, computing, and capacity independently in HyperFlex clusters as needs change.

Continuous data optimisation

Increase capacity use while maintaining performance with data deduplication and compression.

Hyperflex Case Studies
Transforming IT With Complete Hyperconvergence
Power mission-critical apps

CorpFlex uses hyperconverged infrastructure to runs mission-critical databases and applications for its customers.

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Simplified manufacturing

With virtual desktops powered by HyperFlex, Mayfran International has completely transformed the work of its engineers.

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Doubling virtual desktop speed environment

Cisco HyperFlex provides the speed needed for Bellevue Group to provide financial services to its customers.

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Accelerating multicloud IT with the new Cisco HyperFlex

Modernize your SAP environment with HyperFlex.

SAP is critical to your business, requiring infrastructure that enables fast, consistent performance.

Cisco HyperFlex provides the performance needed for SAP app workloads with simple management, reduced TCO, and cloud-like flexibility. With Cisco UCS and HyperFlex, you also get leading infrastructure to run SAP HANA databases and HANA apps.

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Cisco Container Platform on HyperFlex

Managing container clusters can be a whole lot easier. Let us show you how.

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